About Hunt Communications


Hunt Communications is a family-owned utility and telecommunications construction company servicing the Dallas-Fort Worth metro and surrounding areas, specializing in fiber optic and coax construction. As your neighbors in this community, we are dedicated to safely and efficiently establishing local cable infrastructure with less disruption to your daily routine, commute, and cable and internet service. 
The History of Hunt


After many years working for others in the telecommunications industry, Terick Hunt ventured out on his own and founded Hunt Communications. With just a few tools and a bucket truck, Terick began working as a contractor in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. It was at this time that Terick met Monique, his future wife and partner, making the already-landmark year that much more extraordinary.


During these years, Terick made a point to be generous with his time and talent, teaching his trade to anyone who was interested. As he continued contracting as a fiber splicer and building relationships, Terick developed a network of knowledgeable friends and colleagues. Motivated and inspired by their support, Terick’s vision of transforming Hunt Communications into a full-service utility construction company took form.


Terick formally incorporates Hunt Communications in early 2014. Monique Hunt quits her job in the financial industry to help make Terick’s dream a reality. As the Hunt family grows, so does Hunt Communications LLC, expanding both its team and services.


Our new headquarters in Newark, Texas was acquired to better accommodate our team of 34 employees—a team that will continue to rapidly grow! We are excited to continue bringing fast-speed internet to communities in desperate need of reliable service.

Our Core Values

We are fully committed to providing our clients with our very best work, including safe job sites, efficient installations, and top-quality customer service. We give 100% to each project and work as a team to continuously improve each stage of our process.
With entire communities relying on us to provide efficient, effective service, Hunt Communications always rises to the occasion. Our customers can rest assured that we will deliver on our promises and complete our work safely, on time, and with minimal disruption to surrounding environments.
We act with integrity, professionalism, and fairness. Our customers trust us to be a forthright partner in achieving their goals, and we strive to earn that trust through our straightforward communication and ethical business practices.
We leverage the combined experience of our team members to provide the best possible service to our clients and to learn from one another. We aim to employ both current experts in our field and the experts of tomorrow by educating new employees and aiding in team skill development, setting them up for a successful, long-term careers.

You guys and your contractors have been amazing to work with and have responded promptly to all of our citizens’ concerns and to staff as needed.
 Wade C.

Jon and his team went above and beyond and did a fantastic job! I can’t thank them enough!
Tom B.

Very hard-working and productive company. Really good people to associate with.
James C.

I am impressed with the work your crews are doing. They are considerate, work clean and fast, are respectful of residents, and as invasive as this process can be, they minimize it. Please send our thanks to those who need to hear it.
Gwyn G.

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